Plastic Machineries.

Injection Moulding Machine, Blow Moulding Machine, Extrusion.

Ancillary Equipments.

Scrap Grinder, Hopper Dryer, Hopper Loader, Dehumidifier.

Controller Retrofit.

B&R HMI Controller Austria, Servo Driven and Servo Motor.

Plastic Products.

Industrial Crates, Water Tapes, Medical and Vaccum Cup .

Our Service

AC Plast's expertise is in supply of various types of Innovative Solutions for the Plastic Processing Industry: Plastic Machineries - Injection Moulding Machine, Blow Moulding, Extrusion, Ancillary Equipments, Machine Refurbished and Plastic & Rubber Products - Industrial Crates, Water Tape, Medical Product, Silicon Vaccum Cup.